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Mobile Port solutions

An installation solution with an nearshore port that utilizes ready to go technology to perform the wind turbine integration in a safe an efficient manner.

This allows for flexibility to overcome some of the critical constraints we see today in the Floating Offshore Wind Industry.

By moving the wind turbine integration to an offshore environment

We are solving critical constraints, reducing CAPEX and allowing for optimal utilization of existing infrastructure.

Thereby we are creating an immediate solution for the progression and rapid deployment of floating offshore wind.

The Mobile Port Solution builds upon proven and safe methods of operations refined over many years of turbine installation for bottom fixed offshore.

The solution is adjustable to any known semi-submersible floating design & turbine platform in the market.

Mobile Fabrication
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Overcoming constraints in the Floating Offshore Wind Sector

Our development approach is driven by identifying underlying and fundamental issues and challenges that are critical for maturing the offshore wind industry.

Based on our findings and analyses, we create solutions nourishing on our core experience and with input from our technical expertise. We aim to integrate local competencies and we boldly pursue developing solutions that set new standards for the industry as we remain focused on solving the most significant constraints, i.e.:

Lack of suitable port infrastructure
Utilise existing ports for pre-assembly to re-locate all installation activities to the offshore Mobile Port location.

Limitations of a land-based crane for turbine integration activities
Deployment of existing, jack-up installation vessels for wind turbine installations and integration of floating structures to ensure fast and lean processes.

Fabrication lead times and logistics
Assembly of floaters near the wet storage yields higher efficiency and reduces project costs.

Floating technology designs
The Mobile Port can be located in sheltered waters with sufficient draft in proximity to wet storage for an efficient campaign.

Costly O&M solution for floating technology
FO1848 is developing O&M solutions allowing routine maintenance and key component replacements to be efficiently executed at the offshore site.

Need for a skilled and trained workforce
FO1848 aim to employ local workslabour for pre-assembly at port, logistics and installation at the Mobile Port and to train such workforce to make this a reality.

High level methodology description

  • Installation of mooring dolphins in a sheltered area
  • The Wind turbine jack-up installation vessel  jacks up alongside mooring dolphins
  • A storage barge for blades is fixated to the mooring dolphins for the project duration
  • Feeder vessels deliver the wind turbine components alongside the jack- up installation vessel
  • Wind turbine jack-up installation vessel will load:
    • blades to storage barge
    • Nacelles directly onboard the jack-up vessel
    • Towers directly onboard the jack-up vessel with assembly on-board in full tower height
  • Pre-commissioning of nacelles & towers performed onboard the Wind Turbine jack-up installation vessel
  • Floater will be towed and secured against the mooring dolphins
  • Wind turbine installation vessel will integrate wind turbine to the floater applying proven offshore wind methods and high safety requirements