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Shaping a Sustainable Future

Fred. Olsen 1848 is a technology and innovation company in renewables that develops solutions to the challenges faced by the industry. Our goal is to make sustainable energy more widely available to help combat climate change.

We are not content with the status quo; we are determined to shape a future where renewable energy sources play a central role in meeting the world's energy needs.

Our technologies

Solving some of the key challenges within the renewable industry

At Fred. Olsen 1848, we tackle today’s challenges and provide solutions to ensure we resolve tomorrow's problems. While we have already made significant strides in floating solar- and wind, these are just the beginning of our journey towards a sustainable planet.

We are driven by innovation, and curiosity is our compass. We believe that curiosity is the spark that ignites new ideas and technologies.


Current Fred. Olsen 1848 projects


A floating wind turbine platform with both strong technical and commercial capabilities, BRUNEL is designed for the next generation of wind turbines.

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BRIZO is a pioneering Floating PV technology created to unlock the potential of floating solar. BRIZO’s elegant simplicity enables a new standard of cost efficiency.

Fred. Olsen 1848 BRIZO
Floating Maintenance Solution:

A solution to solve the challenge of major component exchange at the floating wind site, to lower the maintenance costs in the floating wind industry.

Floating Maintenance Solution
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Mobile Port Solution:

An installation solution with a nearshore port that utilizes ready-to-go technology to perform wind turbine integration in a safe and efficient manner.

Mobile Port Solution
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What we do

We actively explore, innovate, and mature new technologies and solutions within the renewable industry.

By utilizing our engineering expertise and industry knowledge, we identify discrepancies, inconsistencies, or gaps within the renewable industry.  On our own or through collaborations with our strong network, we find achievable solutions and bring them to life. Our goal is to find viable solutions to the challenges in the renewable energy market.

  • 01. IDEA PHASE:
    During the idea phase, we pinpoint needs and delve into potential solutions. When discovering a gap, we start generating ideas to address it. These ideas are then presented for internal evaluation to determine their viability for further in-depth analysis and to initiate the concept design phase.
    We create a suitable project and start the concept design phase. In this phase, we advance the renewable energy solutions while offering concrete descriptions, technical verification, and documentation for the concepts. In addition, the ground pillars for the commercial strategy are developed.

    During the validation phase, we carry out the basic design and go into greater detail with our project. We take all information and knowledge gained from the concept design phase and make sure all risks have identified mitigations for commercial delivery. The commercial strategy is shaped. The end of this phase is marked by a design verification and a pathway to enter the market for commercialization.
    Step four is the commercialization phase, where our concepts go to market. During this phase, the ambition is for our solutions to transition from meticulously developed concepts to the process of becoming actual, tangible products or services.

Fred. Olsen 1848’s planet safety moment

At the core of Fred. Olsen 1848’s mission lies a fundamental commitment to pioneering renewable energy solutions. Our dedication is rooted in the profound responsibility we feel toward protecting the future of our youth and the upcoming generations of our society.

The urgency for new and innovative solutions to combat today’s climate challenges and the future of our society has never been clearer. The statistics paint a clear picture:

Planet Safety Moment

Overcoming today's climate challenges is no simple feat. That is why we strongly advocate that one of the viable solutions to address these challenges lies in leveraging the long-term advantages of floating solar and offshore wind. These sustainable energy sources not only offer a way to tackle the challenges at hand but also serve a vital role in expanding energy accessibility to remote regions, providing a dedicated and dependable power supply.

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Cutting-edge Solutions in Floating Offshore Wind

Floating offshore wind is the future and natural next step in generating wind energy. Floating offshore wind farms can be located further away from shore, where optimal wind conditions can be found. Explore our simple solutions in floating offshore wind built on 175 years of experience in the maritime and energy sector. The following page provides a comprehensive overview of our innovative technologies and initiatives, designed to harness the power of wind while treading lightly on the oceans. Learn more about our floating offshore wind energy solutions here.

Our Offshore Wind Technologies

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The Future of Floating Solar Energy

Floating solar energy is an important part of the future of renewable energy. In populated and urbanized areas land scarcity makes it vital to tap into the ocean. Floating solar panels is the alternative, where land availability is limited and in climate with excess sun exposure. Discover the future of solar energy with our floating solar solutions built on the experience and heritage of the Fred. Olsen-related companies.  Click here to gain insights into our technologies and projects that harness the sun's energy on water surfaces.

Our Floating Solar Solutions

Recent news:

BRIZO, pilot in Risør

NEWS UPDATE: Fred. Olsen 1848 has deployed the Floating PV Technology BRIZO in Risør, Norway

Per Arvid Holth

Fred. Olsen 1848 welcomes Per Arvid Holth as its new CEO. He succeeds Sofie Olsen Jebsen and will take up the position on 1 March 2024.