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About Fred. Olsen 1848

Fred. Olsen 1848 is an innovation and technology company that focuses on the development and commercialization of innovative solutions related to renewable energy.

We are a determined and multidisciplinary team with a broad variety of industry experience within the field of renewables, all working towards our goal to make sustainable energy more widely available to help combat climate change.

Innovation and curiosity are our DNA, and our ideas are based on consistent experience and knowledge built up over 175 years of identifying and solving challenges, from when the Fred. Olsen ship-owning enterprise commenced in 1848.

The main technologies of Fred. Olsen 1848 is aimed at solving some of the key industry challenges within emerging renewables.

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"Our company name, Fred. Olsen 1848, refers to the year that the very first pioneering Fred. Olsen enterprise was started. Since then, we have been at the forefront of the large industrial shifts, and we want to continue being at the front of development and to drive the industry forward."

Per Arvid Holth, CEO, Fred. Olsen 1848

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Cultivating Creativity

At Fred. Olsen 1848, we're proud of our innovation legacy. Our commitment: inspire boundless creativity among our dedicated employees.

Building on 175 years of experience in the maritime and energy sector

Since the very beginning, the Fred. Olsen-related companies have been pioneers at the forefront of various industrial transformations. Beginning with sailing ships in 1848, the Fred. Olsen-related companies have navigated through the eras of steamships, motorized vessels, shipbuilding, aircraft, tankers, and offshore oil and gas production, including FPSO's and drilling rigs. Over 30 years ago, the enterprise embarked on a new journey into renewable energy, initially on land and eventually extending our reach to the open seas.

Our Technologies


Fred. Olsen 1848. Pilot project of BRIZO, Risør, Norway.

FEBRUARY: Pilot Project of BRIZO

Fred. Olsen 1848 is proud to announce that the 50x50 meter, 124 kW pilot project in Risør, Norway has successfully been deployed at sea and will be commissioned during spring. It has been a very educating and exciting process, where we take away additional knowledge and know-how for the next phases to come for our floating solar solution, BRIZO.


Fred. Olsen 1848 BRIZO

JUNE: Launch of BRIZO

BRIZO is designed to follow the motions of the ocean, even in harsh conditions, and minimizes LCOE. We believe BRIZO's elegant simplicity is a game-changer that can unlock the potential of floating solar


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APRIL: Launch of BRUNEL Maintenance Solution

The BRUNEL Maintenance Solution will enable large component exchange directly at the offshore floating wind site in a safe and cost-efficient manner, operationally optimized for the BRUNEL floating foundation.


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SEPTEMBER: Launch of Floating Maintenance Solution

The solution utilizes existing vessels and methods in the industry today and centralizing around a state-of-the-art maintenance crane.


Fred Olsen Brunel W Flag[2]

NOVEMBER: Launch of BRUNEL Floating Foundation

A floating wind turbine foundation with both strong technical and commercial capabilities, BRUNEL is designed for the next generation of wind turbines. BRUNEL has a modular approach suitable for serial and automized production in the existing global supply chain allowing for instant scale-up and low cost.


Fred. Olsen 1848 For Timeline

JANUARY: Fred. Olsen 1848 was founded


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First pioneering Fred. Olsen enterprise started: Sailing ships

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Dedicated to developing tomorrow's energy solutions.


Our Mission

Identify and accelerate innovative and cost-efficient solutions to make renewable energy widely available to combat climate change.

Our Values: 

1. Curious – we build knowledge from experience and have broad perspectives

2. Integrity – we shape the right solutions and are respectful

3. Collaborative – we learn and succeed together with our partners