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BRIZO Explained

Withstanding wind and wave loads: 

The Floating PV Technology, BRIZO, is tailored to withstand wind and wave loads, utilizing a few yet crucial components enabling it to thrive in dynamic ocean environments. 

The rope mesh is pre-tensioned to provide stability and to avoid compression and collision of the floating elements in the system. Each floater is individually anchored to the rope mesh. This means that forces will not be transferred from floater to floater. 

In strong winds, localized anchoring ensures the floaters are pushed down towards the sea surface keeping the system stable.

The PE pipes are the interface between the mooring system and the rope mesh. They provide the necessary buoyancy, stiffness, and flexibility to the system, and act as a protective barrier against short and steep waves. The bridle lines’ primary role is to distribute the forces effectively and evenly from the mooring lines to the PE pipes. This provides a continuity from the bridle lines to the rope mesh.

BRIZO can employ various anchoring solutions depending on site-specific environmental loads and seabed conditions

Elegant simplicity: 

BRIZO’s elegant simplicity enables a new standard of cost-efficiency since the solution is comprised of just five essential components: Floating modules, Panels, Rope Locks, Rope, and Pe-pipes, which streamlines the complexities associated with floating solar manufacturing.

BRIZO leverages readily available components in the existing global supply chain. This allows for flexibility and local content optimization, making BRIZO a cost-effective solution.

BRIZO’s design uses well-established fabrication methods, including injection- and blow molding. This allows the floating modules to be mass-produced at a low cost.

BRIZO utilizes recycled materials, and all components can be readily recycled at the end of their life cycle. The floating solar solution offers a distinct advantage as it allows for assembly in areas with limited infrastructure.

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