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The Floating PV technology - BOLETTE

BOLETTE is a pioneering Floating PV technology created to unlock the potential of near- and offshore floating solar. BOLETTE’s elegant simplicity enables a new standard of cost efficiency. The modular design makes it suitable for a wide range of commercial applications worldwide.

Designed to Handle Ocean Environments

The main philosophy of the design is to allow the PV modules to move freely and independently within a pre-tensioned rope mesh, while the environmental forces are distributed through the mesh and mooring system. As a result, BOLETTE handles both wave and wind loads.

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Follows the motion of the ocean

BOLETTE’s elegant simplicity enables a new standard of cost efficiency

Making FPV systems in a cost-efficient manner is crucial to realize the full potential of floating offshore solar on a commercial scale. BOLETTE is built on a few easily sourced components. Hence, BOLETTE is able to utilize an existing global supply chain, which allows for flexibility in sourcing and local content maximization.

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Designed with an integrated solution for operations and maintenance

BOLETTE comes with a unique solution for operations and maintenance.

The catamaran has access through the pathways between the solar panels. This allows for component exchange, cleaning, and maintenance directly from the service vessel.

BOLETTE in details

Robust design Follows the motion of the ocean
Maintenance A unique integrated solution
Scalability With no alterations

• All components in the system are tagged and can be easily recycled after decommissioning
• Use of traceable environmental rope from selected suppliers

Components Are Tagged
Local content

• Utilizing the existing global supply chain for the main components – allows flexibility in sourcing
• Utilizing existing and proven manufacturing procedures

Modular Design Based On Tubulars (Low Complexity) (Presentation (169)) (19)

• The modular design is suitable for a wide range of commercial applications
• Offers a wide range of geographical deployment areas and scalability without design changes

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BOLETTE is designed in a very cost-efficient manner to follow the motion of the ocean, even in offshore conditions. We believe BOLETTE’s elegant simplicity is a game-changer unlocking the potential of floating offshore solar”

  • Sofie Olsen Jebsen, CEO, Fred. Olsen 1848

Main Capabilities

BOLETTE is designed both to withstand harsh environmental loads and to lower the Levelized Cost of Energy  - hence unlocking the potential of near- and offshore floating solar.

This is possible because BOLETTE has the following benefits:


  • Radical simplicity – which makes BOLETTE a cost-efficient solution
  • Comes with an integrated maintenance solution
  • Utilization of existing supply chain allows for flexibility in sourcing
  • The design is easily scalable and can be tailored to each individual project


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